our mission!
1.To Supply the fast food industry with the highest quality Kebab products without the use of harmful chemicals, mechanically removed meats, or bulking agents.

2.To provide help our customers Market our natural Kebab Range in their Shop so the whole world knows they care about the food they serve.
The Sad truth about your kebabs.
Whens the last time you read the ingredients listed on your Doner or Chicken Kebabs' Label?

If one of your customers asked you what was in your Kebab, could you tell them? 

Do you care?
The truth is, if you intend on being in business for the long term,
 you do care! 
Deep down you know that most of your customers concerns abut the contents of the food we eat are growing. 
But why have we let things get so out of hand as far as kebabs go?

When fish prices almost doubled over the last 10 years, did Fish and Chip shops stop Using Cod and Haddock and start selling fish fingers? 
Certainly not!!
So how comes we stopped selling PROPER Doner kebabs and started selling 10kg sausages, filled with soya, preservatives, additives, water.......the list is endless??

"OH WELL, our Doner kebabs might be full of all sorts, but at least we have a healthier option,
Customers that care about that kind of thing can have a Chicken Kebab instead."

When traditional Chicken Kebab was made (originally known as Chicken Shawarma or Chicken Gyros),
it consisted of a clean and simple recipe :

-Vegetable oil, 
-Lemon juice or brine, 
-light seasoning with herbs and spices.

As demand grew and the industry became more competitive, price wars began between manufacturers and wholesalers. 
Sales reps started struggling to gain new business and manufacturers were forced to explore ways to lower costs.
By his time food technologists had created all kinds of machinery and additives that made it possible to increase yields of meat products between 10 and 30%, sometimes more!!!

Del Boys Kebab, Only £1 per pound. Lots of profits for you!!! 
Your customers don't know whats in it, so why not buy the cheapest!!
This is a typical Marinated chic